Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wordsmiths Using Words To Do Battle Over Words

I've been thinking about the term 'traditional publishing', which the publishing industry has been pushing lately as a way of promoting/saving their industry. It's working well because lots of people are using it. I think it's power is in the fact that traditionally, that's how people got their books onto the market. So saying 'traditional publishing', is simply an easy way of describing what they do. However, I think more often than not these days, it's being used as another way of saying 'dinosaur publishing', so people are now using it to take the piss out of them. Looks to me like the self publishing industry is turning the traditional publishing industry's own marketing strategy around to bite them. I think it's hilarious watching wordsmiths using words to do battle over words. It's like a slap fight rather than a good old fashioned punch up. Best Blogger Tips

Urban Hunters Series Cover Artwork Commissioned

I'm very excited to say that I have just commissioned the artwork for my first book. I'd like to go into details about who he is, but I think I should keep that info under my hat until it's finished. I'll be posting the image as soon as I have it.

Finding the right artist was in itself a difficult journey. There are plenty of amazingly talented cover artists to choose from in America, but my book is based around the adventures of a 13 year old Aboriginal kid in Australia. So a definite Aboriginal flavour is needed for which none could do it better than an Aussie. The problem is, there aren't that many to choose from. There are plenty of incredibly talented Aussie artists, but who has cover art experience along with an Aboriginal artistic flair? Word of mouth within the industry was the key so after checking out some of his work, I made the call. He was very easy to talk to and knew exactly what I wanted. So we agreed on a price and it's happening... Best Blogger Tips

Monday, 28 March 2011

To Get You Up To Speed on my Urban Hunters Series

I'm very excited to tell you that I am close to launching my first book in the Urban Hunters series. It's a fun filled adventure story based in Australia for young adults. There will be thirteen in the series with more to follow if readers are keen. All thirteen are pretty much finished, so I'll roll them out in intervals of four to six weeks. At least that's the plan anyway. What do they say about mice and men? Something about best laid plans? 

After many hours of mind melting research, I have decided to self-publish. The reasons are many and varied but a couple of the main reasons are that traditional publishers just don't seem to be keeping up with technology; and they're desperately holding onto their industry at the expense of the writers. I just don't see the justification in paying a writer a 15% royalty for an ebook, when Amazon is offering 70%! Writers had no options in the past, today there are plenty, and I plan on taking advantage of them all.

This blog is part of the build up to the launch. There's lots to do: website, cover art to encompass the whole series, manuscript assessment, final editing, formatting, a Facebook page for the series... The list goes on. I'll keep you up to date with my progress so I hope you're interested. See you back here again soon.

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