Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Cover Artist

Can’t tell you how excited I am – the artwork for the cover of my first book has finally arrived and I think it’s fantastic!
What a monumental decision it is working out what to do about your cover, especially your first one. I was a virgin. I admit it. I was so nervous about what to expect. But the experience was amazing! I’ll never forget it. The artist couldn’t have been more gentle with me, understanding and patient. He’s a man and I’m a man I know, it’s a bit weird, especially considering that I’ve been married to a lovely woman for the last twenty years. Hang on, I’m getting confused here – what were we talking about? Oh yeah, cover art. The art world is a little whacky, so bear with me. When you’re forking out the big bucks to have someone paint what’s in your head, you need to be able to talk to each other, to understand each other’s feelings. It really is a relationship and my artist, Toby Quarmby, is one of the best around. See for yourself, check out the cover. And no, it’s not a gay thing, Billy is Aboriginal, he’s spent his life in the bush and a loincloth is more than he needs. But he’s gotta find some girls in the city and doing that in a loincloth can only be fun. The series is all about adventures and misadventures, and the cover tells you that immediately. Plus you see guys on covers and they’re all buff, ridiculously muscled and impossibly handsome, how often do you get a chance to put a butt on the cover and get away with it? How controversial! How innocent. How intriguing. The poor kid who’s never even seen a girl before, now has to find some girls in the city while wearing a loincloth! Gotta be fun. What do you think? Does it look fun? Are you intrigued? Would you buy it? Would you buy it for your son or daughter? 
So back to Toby. As you can see, he’s an amazing artist and I want to share him with the world. If you need artwork for your cover, send him an email at - tjquarmby(at)  
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