Thursday, 23 June 2011

Important Message for Australian Authors!

Now you can receive book sales commissions from America for FREE, and deposit them into your bank account in Australia for FREE! Using “BookBaby” and the St George bank.
“BookBaby” will distribute your ebook to Amazon, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes and Noble and Sony’s eReader, collect your book sales commissions from them and then send you a cheque, without taking any commission for themselves at all. Previously you had to go through PayPal who charge you 3.4%+ for cash transferred. BookBaby will do it for free, and the St George bank doesn’t charge for international cheque deposits. Problem solved (Update - 26th July, 2011 - St George bank are now charging for international cheque deposits, which makes Bookbaby even more attractive!). You will have to supply BookBaby with a US tax exemption form(W-8BEN), but that's not a problem, just google it, print it, fill it in and post it to BookBaby. 
BookBaby does have charges, a one time setup fee of $99, to organize the distribution and much, much more, to all those sellers, and then an annual fee of only $19. 
I have nothing to do with BookBaby, I’m simply considering them for myself, and I’m impressed. They don’t say on their website that they’ll send you a cheque, but I posed my problem to them in an email, and Kristen from BookBaby wrote back and said “Yes we can send you checks.” 
Check them out -
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