Friday, 5 August 2011

The Spud Gun, Catapult, Pea-Shooter and the Magnifying Glass.

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Four of the most deadly weapons in a young boy’s armoury! For those of you too young to remember, the spud gun was a style of gun that you stuck the end of the barrel into a raw potato. It then fired the raw potato like a small bullet – and boy did it hurt.
The catapult was the deadliest of the four, but not many kids had them. Adults knew the dangerous threat posed by these weapons of death, so it was almost impossible to get your hands on one and even harder to avoid having it confiscated. Sure you could make your own out of lollypop sticks and ‘laggy’ bands, but these prototypes were very ineffective.
Then you had my all time favourite; the peashooter– and it came in two sizes, regular and supersize! The local pet store made a roaring trade out of pigeon peas.
But the least likeliest of candidates was the magnifying glass. Unlike the other three that you struggled to keep hidden away from your parents ‘spying’ eyes, the MG was an acceptable tool in the child’s school equipment. On its own, it was just an innocent tool for inspecting things close up, but when the sun came out…
When it came to inflicting torture, a young boy knew every means possible. Quite often, the pray would not be other kids. This had far more ‘specialised’ uses.
Insects beware!
Ants, worms, spiders and a whole host of other, poor, unfortunate insecti, suffered the loss of limb at the hands of the young boy with his trusty torture implement. Not that I would ever do anything like this, oh no, butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth. But the question is; what did you get up to?
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