Friday, 13 April 2012

Great Book Review by Jessica B of Books: A True Story

I'm really proud of this book review by Jessica B of Books: A True Story. She really gets my writing and has described Four Small Stones with such eloquence.

'The Jungle Book set in Aboriginal Australia.' I hadn't thought of it that way before but really, it nails it. And to be associated with The Jungle Book is so exciting.

'I've never read anything like it.' What writer doesn't want this said about their book? To write something different is beyond difficult with so many stories already written, yet I hear this all the time about my story. Can't tell you how good it makes me feel. 

Jessica is the first to give me some feedback on my tag line "Billy's Gotta Find Some Girls". She says: 'When I saw the subtitle, "Billy's Gotta Find Some Girls," I knew I had to read it.' That's such a relief, coming from a female especially. I really didn't know how girls would take this. 'I knew I had to read it.' Yee hah!

'I was pulled in from the first page by how vivid and visual the writing was. I was immersed in an entirely new and fascinating culture that was shocking, sad, beautiful and amazing.' Crikey, could I be any happier?

'Gary Taaffe did an excellent job of entertaining me ...'

You can see why I'm so proud of this review. I hope it spurs you on to read my books yourself. I know you'll love them. 

Read Jessica's review here

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