Monday, 7 May 2012

Donna Nailed It!

What I really liked about Donna’s 5 star review was how she got the story’s big picture.

The one thing that stood out in the story to me was how Gary Taaffe beautifully illustrated boys are boys, no matter where they are. Three young brothers engage in a game of who is the better prankster as do many boys the world over.’

I really wanted to convey how we are all the same no matter who we are or where we are from. We all feel the same things and behave in much the same way. Some do it in the city in 2012, some in the bush from 100,000 years ago. The Urban Hunters series is about Billy, with his ancient culture and Amber, a modern new age girl both being presented with finding a new future for themselves, together.

Of course this would all be boring if it wasn’t fun, ‘hysterically funny in parts’. And readers from all over the world are loving the fact that the series is set in Australia, making it new and interesting.

Four Small Stones and Tribal Scarring (#2 in the Urban Hunters series), sets up Billy’s culture shock, before he sets foot into a modern new Australia where he meets a modern teenage girl, Amber, who finds herself in a similar situation to Billy.

Thank you, Donna for your wonderful review. 

Donna is the author of some wonderful Young Adults books. Drop in on her website here

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