Saturday, 5 May 2012

Simply Delightful - Another 5 Star Review :))

Donna R. Wood's (@ButterflyPhinx) 5 Star review of Four Small Stones

I love stories about different cultures around the world. I have some knowledge of the Aboriginal people, but not a lot. Four Small Stones was an adventure into the lives of three brothers. The one thing that stood out in the story to me was how Gary Taaffe beautifully illustrated boys are boys, no matter where they are. Three young brothers engage in a game of who is the better prankster as do many boys the world over. Set in the Australian bush, Mr. Taaffe takes us through an engaging tale of coming of age, rites of passage among brothers, and familial bonds that cannot be broken. Overall the story was interesting and kept me reading to the very end.

Due to some of the language and adult humor in the book, I would not recommend the book for younger readers. For young and older adults it is simply a delightful read. It is thought provoking about the plight of the Aborigines, hysterically funny in parts, and gives a unique view of the beauty of the Australian bush. Best Blogger Tips