Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Deliriously excited to reveal the new cover in the Urban Hunters series

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How cool is this cover? I was excited about the first one, let alone this one.
You’ll notice we see Billy’s face for the first time. Handsome isn’t he? Some will be sad to see his cute butt gone, but he can only survive the city for so long without pants. And how gruesome is his Tribal Scarring? What else can you see?
And introducing Urban Hunter’s other major character, Amber. Well, OK so you only see her from behind but what sort of storyteller would I be if I didn’t tease you with a little suspense? She’ll be worth the wait, I promise.
And how cute are those pups? Can you name them? They look the same don’t they? Fans of Larry, Curly and Moe will know who’s who. Do you know who’s missing, and where he is?
Have you seen the threat? It’s not all fun and games - Billy does indeed have to survive the city. The next several episodes will see both he and Amber fighting for their lives and coming to the rescue of others in places way beyond their imaginations. I’ve had a blast writing this story, though I am a little jealous of you, because you get to read it for the first time. It’s crazy fun. Enjoy … :)
Congratulations to Toby Quarmby for another outstanding illustration.
Due for release in eBook format in July, 2012, and in print soon after. First Addition, First Print Run books will be available in limited quantities so stay tuned for the release of those investment copies. 
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