Thursday, 12 July 2012

Book 4 Finished Bar the Formatting

Such a relief - I just finished writing Book 4 in the Urban Hunters series- "Budgie Smugglers". That's editing changes and all. This one has been a bit of a marathon. I decided to add a few new chapters and an interesting glossary to explain some of our Australian spelling and colloquialisms. Turned out a really interesting exercise going into the background of our slang and why there are differences between our spelling and American spelling. Who caused the problem, the Poms or the Yanks? The answer may surprise you.

So now I'm in formatting mode which is beyond complex to do it properly. You can convert an MS Word doc but that's for amateurs as it will likely cause problems for the different eReaders. To do it properly I had to learn HTML coding which just about blew a fuse in my brain. All good now though so an announcement won't be far off. :) Best Blogger Tips