Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Kindle Serials, Serial vs Serialized Fiction – What??

This is a copy of a comment I wrote in response to Claudia Hall Christian’s article on Serial vs Serialized Fiction – What?? Read it for yourself here.

Thanks for the clarity on a subject that has been twisting my mind, especially with Amazon's release of Kindle Serials. 

I'm 4 episodes into my 13 part Urban Hunters series. I wrote the lot and found it unpublishable via traditional publishing methods because it wouldn't have met any of their criteria. Then I realised what the real problem was - that traditional publishers had dropped the ball and were being left behind by technology. So I considered self-publishing and behold, a world of wonder opened up to me. 

I played around with the idea of breaking up my story into 10 to 20 thousand word parts and serialising it. It worked beautifully. It picked up the pace of the story and added the regular anticipation of, what will happen next?

With the shortened format I didn't want to be re-introducing each character over and over again so I began a cast of past characters at the beginning of each episode. It is also working beautifully. 
I have been wondering if I should jump into the Kindle Serials. But my series just doesn't seem to fit the format. Your explanation has helped to confirm that. Thanks. Besides, I am now a devout self-publisher enjoying huge royalties and Amazon are only offering this, for now, as a traditional publishing deal. I'm not interested. My series is taking off without them. Yee hah! Go the serials and serialised fiction. I believe they're going to launch writing and reading into a whole new stratosphere.  
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