Friday, 7 September 2012

Kindle Serials The Urban Hunters Series

To participate or not? I’m 4 episodes into my 13 part Urban Hunters series and Kindle’s news about the launch of their new program is exciting news, or is it? The possibility of it skyrocketing my series into the stratosphere is indeed inviting, or will it do that anyway without me giving away such a large piece of the pie? It’s well on its way now. 

I love the control and the vastly superior royalties I get from self-publishing. What Amazon is offering is basically traditional publishing which has had nothing but bad press lately, and for very good reason. Authors are treated badly and paid pathetically, which is better than nothing if you don’t have the nous to develop your own self-publishing business model. I’ve done all of that and more so why switch now? You never know what tomorrow will bring, and this news has certainly sent my day into a spin.
They’re saying you can buy the series for $1.99, which gets you all the episodes to date, with each new episode being added wirelessly to your existing Kindle ebook, at no extra charge. My whole 13 part series for $1.99?? You’ve got to be kidding me! How can an author make a living from that? And where is the incentive to continue the series? Granted, the $1.99 is an introductory price, so obviously the price will rise. Phew! But will it be enough? And what royalty can I expect?

I will look into it to see what the offer is, and what their plans are. I’ll also be listening carefully to what others are saying. The problem is, this is all very time sensitive. First in best dressed as they say. There are currently only 8 series on offer, getting in early will be critical.  

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