Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Lucky Dip - Prize: eBook Formatting Service

Enter your name and go into the draw to have your story or your branch/club’s anthology formatted into an eBook. You will be able to upload your mobi or epub file to distributors like Amazon and Kobo and have it selling around the world immediately. Entries close on 29th November 2012(AEST). Fill out the form here to enter and be sure to read the conditions of entry. Good luck. 

Gary Taaffe
Great Lakes FAW (Fellowship of Austalian Writers)

I know you have a story that you’d like published. Perhaps you’ve even sent one off to publishers only to have it rejected, for no apparent reason. You’re not alone. Many of the latest best sellers have all been rejected. The truth is it’s not the author’s fault, it’s the publishers. They have narrow-minded agendas that are only interested in the next big thing. What they won’t tell you is they don’t actually know what the next big thing is. Neither do I. No one does. But what I do know is it could be your story. Don’t wait in vain hoping to be published. Do as I, and so many other incredibly successful self-publishers have done– self-publish. It’s not looked upon as vanity press anymore. It’s entrepreneurial. And the royalty is up to 80% instead of the 15% traditional publishers give you. Publishers have been fighting the tsunami of eBook technology only to be left behind. It’s now relatively easy to publish your own book and once it’s proven successful on the market, publishers will then offer you a deal. The thing is, self-publishers are now rejecting those deals because publishers are still offering the same old antiquated 15% deals. 

All of the professional book production services that traditional publishers use are now available to self-publishers. Editing, copy editing, cover design, formatting. You can learn to do most of it yourself, with the exception of editing- always get your work edited by someone else! I learnt to format my own books and I found I loved it. So much so that I now offer those services. I even hold 1 day one-on-one eBook formatting classes. At the end of the day your eBook will be uploaded to Amazon and you’ll be able to go home and format your other stories. 

The most commonly used method for creating eBook files is to convert a Microsoft Word.doc file directly into a .mobi or .epub file. Unfortunately it’s plagued with problems that will frustrate your readers into writing bad reviews. Blank pages and italicized paragraphs will appear and readers may not be able to change the font size to suit. The list goes on. 

I use a much more complicated method but it’s bulletproof. Any eReading device, of which there are many and they’re all different, will be able to read it and present it to the reader beautifully. I build a XHTML document from the ground up. I clean the MS Word text, import it into a XHTML document and write every single skerrick of computer code to tell it exactly what to do. A bold word is written in code like this: <b>bold word</b>. This is the code for a quotation mark: &ldquo;. And that’s just the beginning. There’s code behind code. J.K. Rowling’s publishers, Hachette, even got her latest book wrong by messing up the code and causing an uproar. My books and the books I produce for others are beautiful. Yours will be too. I promise. In fact I give a 100% guarantee with all my work. Try it, I’m sure you’ll be more than happy. 

Services I provide are: 

On-on-One eBook Formatting
eBook Formatting
Print Book Formatting
Book Cover Design
Audio Book Production
Video Book Production  

In the meantime, enter my Lucky Dip. You may be up and published sooner than you think. But be quick, entries close on the 29th of November, 2012.

Conditions of entry:

* The winner will be picked randomly by Mr Chris Jones, Manager of Great Lakes Library, and notified via email and/or a phone call and also be listed on this webpage on the 30th November, 2012. The winner will have ten days to get their manuscript to me via this email address: gmt369@gmail.com, for formatting, or the runner-up will become the winner under the same conditions.
* One entry per person.
* One entry per branch/club to have your branch/club's anthology formatted. Enter as e.g. “Joe Blow, Great Lakes FAW Branch anthology”.  
* Your book must be format ready - i.e., all editing done and roughly laid out showing me how you want it to look (don’t worry, I’ll add a professional touch to make it look beautiful). 
* Your manuscript must be in electronic format and in English only.
* You must provide your own ISBN if you want to use one.
* You’ll need to provide a cover image as a .jpg that includes your book title etc.
* Standard fonts will be used.
* Three illustrations maximum.
* One chapter heading vignette style maximum.
* Three external hyperlinks maximum.
* You will own the copyright and all rights to your eBook.
* Ineligible books: guide books, how to books, illustrated books, ...
* We reserve the right to reject any non standard submission.
* Prize is not transferrable.
* This is a formatting service only. I take no responsibility for your eBook’s content. The eBook provided will be final. Best Blogger Tips