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Billy’s gotta find some girls, or he and his brothers face extinction, the last of their kind living a Stone Age life in the Australian bush. The spirits choose Billy to see what he can find in the big city. But he’s never even seen a girl before and all he’s got to wear is a loincloth. His dad wants a fat one to keep him warm in winter and his oldest brother Mallee, wants six! No one knows what Pindaari wants.

Before he goes he must pull off the impossible and earn his brother’s respect, outsmarting them at their own game with a stinking dead kangaroo, a flooded cave crawling with bats and a quartz crystal. 

Could life get any more difficult? Why yes it could, Billy could fall in love ...

“AWESOME!!!” Andrew, UK

“I was cracking up laughing. It’s really good.” Kris M, Australia

“So fun guys I highly recommend it.” Nancy Y, USA

URBAN HUNTERS is laugh–out–loud, gut–churning, heart–wrenching storytelling at its best. Unlike anything you’ve ever read, in typical Taaffe fashion. Hilarious as usual. Always surprising. Wonderful!

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eBook       ISBN: 978-0-9871760-0-4
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9871760-6-6
Young Adult/Fiction/Action Adventure/Humorous


Billy was the second main character that I came up with for this story, after Amber, but he soon became the main character. It wasn't so much him as the story behind him. The main theme of the series started out as being about kids living on the city streets, and instead of scrounging in bins for food and looking for handouts, they hunt for their food using handmade weapons and cooking in back alleys and city parks. I wanted to show how kids can do amazing things, given the chance. 

The one important criteria was these kids had to already have hunting skills as I wanted to get straight into the fun stuff. So first of all I came up with Amber. She's a white girl who has been hunting and camping all her life with her dad. I'd love to tell you more about her but I've got a few surprises in store that I don't want to spoil.

I also needed another character, and in a stroke of good luck I wondered about a bush Aboriginal boy. Black boy, white girl, controversial, interesting. Cool. And bush Aborigines have some amazing skills that I could use in interesting ways in the city. Sold. 

I named him and had my two main characters: Billy and Amber. Excellent! However, how on earth does an Aboriginal boy from the bush, and Amber, end up living in the back alleys of Sydney? Back-story. Whoa. Tricky. I came up with Billy's back-story first and it was so amazing that it quickly took over the whole series. It allowed me to explore in a wonderful way the black and white controversy, us all living together as one, and also life in the bush for Aborigines, which few had ever experienced. I was away; in my element as I'm a keen hunter, camper, cook and philanthropist. Plus I've got a wicked sense of humour. Your jaw will hit the floor as you see what I do to Billy and his brothers in the bush. Amber is another story entirely, which we'll delve into down the track; I've already told you too much. 

As far as the other characters in Four Small Stones goes, the main ones are the men as the women have all died out, which creates the dilemma. They have to find some girls or they're all going to die out, ending the Dreamtime forever.

Billy started out with three brothers, but it was too much so Monty had to go. It was a shame because he was shaping up to be a really great character, but since getting rid of him, sorry Monty, it allowed Mallee and Pindaari's characters to shine. And shine they do, especially Pindaari, he has quite the fan following. 

Cobar is another character worth mentioning at this stage. He's Billy's best friend and great-great grandfather. The grandfather we all wish we had. I hope you love him as much as I do. 

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