Saturday, 2 March 2013

WALKABOUT (book 3)

Billy leaves his family and the bush for the first time ever, but wolf-whistles and abuse leave him confused about the appeal of his bare bum. A friendly trucker named Turbo, teaches him that he won’t pick up any girls wearing a bright red sundress. And he nearly runs back home after a gruesome discovery in a barrel at the tip. He calls upon his ancestors for help with shocking results, and he’s forced to fight off a mongrel old man in a violent confrontation. A darkened alley full of rats in the city reveals a beautiful girl. Amber’s pyjamas are covered in mud and blood and she’s stained in tears, and Billy falls in love.

“It was such a fun and entertaining adventure story. Great gross-out scenes that I loved from the first book. I loved the Aussie lingo. The humor had me laughing out loud in places.” Jessica B, USA

“This writer has done something rare - he’s come up with something so original that I can’t even compare it to other books. It stands alone. And his humour is really sensational.” Jack S, Australia

“Can’t wait for the next in the series as I couldn’t put it down. They really are good value.” Ann C, UK

URBAN HUNTERS is laugh–out–loud, gut–churning, heart–wrenching storytelling at its best. Unlike anything you’ve ever read, in typical Taaffe fashion. Hilarious as usual. Always surprising. Wonderful!

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eBook          ISBN: 978-0-9871760-2-8
Paperback    ISBN: 978-0-9871760-8-0
Young Adult/Fiction/Action Adventure/Humorous


All Billy's life he'd heard horrendous stories of how whitefellas kill Aborigines and steal their children, which unfortunately, was all too true. Now at 13 he had to come out of hiding and walk amongst them, to see if was safe for his family to follow him after spending the last 48 years in fear. Billy was obviously going to be scared out of his wits but it was 2012 and no one was going to kill him, but I couldn't go too easy on him, so I sent him out wearing nothing more than a loincloth. Hehehe.

Funnily enough to him it was completely normal and the last thing he would have thought of to change to be safe. Never mind the spears, knife and boomerangs he was carrying. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to mention the skinned head of a dead kangaroo that I put on his head just to be sure no one missed him.

I really didn't know how all this was going to play out so I simply carried on with the story and played around with some ideas. I wanted to portray our crazy world through his eyes but also his crazy appearance through our eyes. Things happened that I never expected but what was always present, was a damn good belly laugh.

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