Thursday, 2 May 2013

Great Review by Pete Loveday

I am very honoured to have been reviewed by
Pete Loveday

This is a great story and although many years since my childhood, I can remember the pranks and tricks we used to play on each other in my group of friends.  The characters are cleverly crafted and the story is as old as the Australian Continent.  As an Aussie I am proud to see such a book in hands of young people.

I really enjoyed the boy Billy, using his innate skills to beat his brothers at their own game and coming out the victor. The setting of wild country in Australia is so accurate and the interaction of the boys and native animals is something that can only be learnt from the cradle. The teaching and training of young men in the tribe is a lesson to all.

The writing is well done and the language is authentic. I enjoyed the story and it is a fun trip that will be very different for many young people. Young boys will especially enjoy the school yard humour and the deep seated moral of the story is well developed. 

I am sure that the remainder of the books will be as good as this one.
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