Wednesday, 31 July 2013

"... so look forward to ANYTHING you write."

Got such a buzz from a letter sent today by an Amazon reviewer. Knowing you're all fans of the Urban Hunters series I thought you might like to see what others are saying:

Hi Gary
I am now on book 6 and loving everyone of the books you've written.  Can't tell you how pleased I am that I am enjoying them so much.  Will write a more or less wrap up review for the 6th book and so look forward to ANYTHING you write.  
Don L

It’s the ‘... so look forward to ANYTHING you write.’ part that really excites me. That’s what you want to hear when you’re trying to make a career out of writing. Making readers ravenous for your work makes me ravenous to write more. Thanks heaps, Don. I’m on it.

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