Monday, 9 September 2013

Book 7 is Finally off to the Editors!

Since finishing writing book 7(20th August), it’s spent 15 working days(nearly 3 weeks) in review and re-writes. That’s the stage where my wife, Karin, reads over it. She does a full read to get a feel for the story. We discuss anything lacking and I re-write those sections. During all this I’m re-reading and tidying up here and there. It’s amazing what I find. Paragraphs that waffle, or don’t get to the point or even make a point very well, stand out at this stage. I enjoy re-writing them so they read so much better.
I print another copy and Karin reads again, this time at a much slower pace, checking spelling, colloquialisms, grammar and punctuation. I’m doing all the same again myself.
By this stage and after an initial read, Karin’s seeing things she didn’t see before. Bits where I’ve set up the story or where I haven’t. We discover opportunities for characterisation and plot. All this adds a richness and a depth to the story. It draws out emotions, the good the bad and the ugly.
Time to send out copies for my editors. I’ve got four. You read that right, four! They’re all different and all bring something new to the table. One is amazing with grammar and punctuation. Another sees the big picture with plot and characterisation. Another writes a bit of a review on each chapter giving me amazingly important feedback. Another picks up odd things the others missed. Some give me zero feedback, others flood me with it. They’re all incredibly important to the success of this series and I couldn’t possibly send out the story without them. They’re the difference between a 4 star and a 5 star review. Between amateur hour and professional.
Next is formatting preparation(internal and external), writing the back cover blurb, cast of characters and the glossary. I’ll break some of that down for you over the next couple of weeks to give you an idea of what is involved. By then the editing will be back and it will be back to re-writes again, before final formatting and uploading to eBook sellers, printers and reviewers ...  

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