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April 2014

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Print books have finally arrived! Woo hoo. I spent the day kicking back reading my own book yesterday. Life can be pretty strange sometimes. Loved it. I was even shocked in the end and I knew what was going to happen. So anyway, do you know what this means to you?


Some organised fans have pre-ordered FINAL STRAW but there are still a few left if you want to grab a copy for yourself or a friend today.
Did you know that JK Rowling's first editions were selling for $35,000 at one stage! Now I'm sure my books will never be that hot, but considering we're also turning this series into movies, I'm sure they'll go up in value.
As a newsletter subscriber, you are the first to hear of these investment copies becoming available so if you want one, order it now because I'll be letting everyone else know tomorrow.

My Next Book's Progress

Book 9 is up and running. I'm upto chapter 13 which for Amber, is not going very well at all. She's enduring her most embarassing moment ever. A moment she'll wish she could forget. A moment three lifetimes won't be enough to rid herself of this memory. Hehehe. I love being a writer.
So 13 chapters brings me to about 11,500 words, which in this case is about half way through the book. I really thought I'd be much further along in the story by this stage but I've been having so much fun with the characters that it's gone on a lot longer than expected. More for you to read so I'm sure you won't mind.  

New Newsletter Layout

Do you like the new newsletter layout? I'm doing it through Mailchimp which is really easy to use. Looks just like my blog and website so I'm pretty stoked about that.

Hunting Trip

Looks like we might be onto a property that's having a problem with buffalos. Woo hoo. Thought we were going to miss out on hunting buffalo simply because most places charge you thousands to shoot them. I'm not into that but I don't mind helping out a mate with a feral problem so here we come.
More on that later. In the mean time, our hunting rig is coming along nicely.
Mechanically, everything's done. It's a go anywhere rig that won't let us down. So now that that's sorted, we're up to the storage compartment. We're welding in the framework, bending it to shape and adding some alloy checkerplate to finish it off. 
Looking pretty spiffy I reckon. Got a nice sized fridge going on, a platform to sleep on with plenty of storage underneath. Not that we'll be sleeping in it, we've got tents and swags for that.
Fitness- had a few workouts and walks. Nowhere near enough though so I'm stepping up the routine.
Wearing my new boots in too. They're moulding to my feet and my feet are getting used to them. Pretty stoked about them. It's so important to have good boots on a trip like this which is why I'm making a big deal of them. Here's a pic.
Check out that zipper, it turns them into slip-ons. Really cool.
Videos of the trip will be coming your way too. Got the camera sorted so you can expect to catch the action in the comfort of your living room. Stay tuned.

Countdown clock: 120 days


Got some feedback from one of my favourite fans, Andrew from the UK. He's 11 now if memory serves me correctly. He changes every year so it's hard to keep up. He read Final Straw overnight and loved the shootting scenes the most. His mum, Wendy, said it should be a movie. It will be, Wendy, you can be sure of that.

Ann, also from the UK but in her Granny years, said it was a masterpiece, and a must read. Seems a bit much for the likes of me but I'll take it. Thanks, Ann.

Book Reviewers

Would you like to review any of my eBooks? Hit the email link below if you would and I'll shoot you a copy today.


Would you like to join my crew of editors? I'm always looking for fresh perspectives on my stories so if you'd like to volunteer, shoot me an email. Book 9 will be ready for your critique sometime over the next couple of months. 


I was really excited to get an order this week for a full set of books from Larissa. She's from a remote Aboriginal mission library in far north Queensland. And when I say remote, I really mean remote. They are so far off the beaten track and isolated that the community will be really excited by these books.

And in other news, more and more schools are buying full sets of my books for all of their students to use as part of the curriculum. They tell me it's a fun way for the kids to learn about Aboriginal customs and traditions. Some of the teachers read the books aloud while others have class discussions about them. I'm really proud of that. I'm madly trying to put together some study guides and crossword puzzles to help them.

Easter was glorious in Forster for a change. It's usually raining cats and dogs but this year was perfect. We even hit the boat for a swim.

Signing Off

That's all I've got for this edition. Hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to head on over to my Bunya Publishing site to grab a book for yourself or a friend. Those first editions won't last long so if you want one, be quick.
Catcha next time.
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