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May 2014

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I love being a self-published writer. It's so easy. Compared to that is, producing traditionally manufactured products. Many years ago, I invented a way of anchoring Harley-Davidson motorcycles to the ground to stop them being stolen. It was a huge success with HD putting in a $200k 1st order and giving me $100k upfront to make sure I produced the goods. I did, of course, and was featured in their catalogue that was distributed to pretty much every country of the world. Here's a picture of my relocatable anchor with a Cobralink cable lock running through it:
Here's the smaller version. The base plate is anchored to the ground using dynabolts, when the cap is put over the top and a padlock or cable lock put through the eyelet, you can't get at the bolts.
They even sent me a special stamp to punch their logo into my product. OMG!
But for all the hoopla, I was glad to sell the company and wash my hands of all the drama.

I set up manufacturing in Australia, USA and Taiwan to try to squeeze a profit out of retail which was all a big nightmare.

As simple as that product seems, it had to be machined in one plant, hardened in another and chromed to perfection in yet another. Inventing isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Inventing stories and turning them into dots and dashes on the ethernet on the other hand, is a dream come true. Whether I sell 10 or 10 million takes the same amount of effort from me. Woo hoo. I'm into that. My stories could even continue to be reproduced and sold for another 50 years after I die with no change at all, my benefactors reaping the rewards of my work all those years later. Kids being inspired and empowered by my stories for evermore. I can dream. I love writing and I hope you do to.

My Next Book's Progress

Book 9 in the Urban Hunters series has stalled and stopped.

After the release of each book, I spend a month listing it and marketing the heck out of it. There is lots to do. In the process I added a piece to a marketing strategy puzzle that I'd been developing for quite some time and all of a sudden, it started sending 300 to 500 customers to my Amazon Book Page every single day. It's amazing!

No marketing method I have ever tried has been such a massive success. And the amazing thing is that anyone can do it. A complete newbie with their first book could walk right over the top of well established authors. So I'm writing a How To book. I'm loathe to interrupt my Urban Hunters series but this is just too big to ignore. I'm actually nearly finished it. In fact next month's newsletter just might come a little early with the announcement so stay tuned.

Hunting and Fishing Trip

I'm so excited, I just bought myself some Barraumundi lures. Now I know many of you won't know what on earth a Barramundi lure is but let me tell you, it's big. Our Australian emblem shows an emu and a kangaroo, some say it should show the Barramundi. It's that iconic here in the land down under. A Barramundi is a fish, but it's not just any old fish, it's amazing. It can grow to over a metre in four years and the fillets are to die for. But that's not what I'm interested in. What I'm after is the fight. I love a good fight. I respect a feisty opponent and a Barramundi is one hell of an opponent.

I wonder what I'll do with my first one, cook him and eat him or let him go. It depends on a lot really. Who I'm with and how hungry we all are. We will, after all, be in one of the remotest parts of the world, living off the land, apart from our stock of canned spaghetti. All I know at this point in time is I'm stoked to have a couple of Barramundi lures in my living room. I'm shaking them about, listening to the enticing noise they make and practicing my knots. If he's on, he ain't getting away!

Countdown clock: 97 days


Bit of feedback from Andrew in the UK. Remember I thought he might be 11, but I wasn't sure because he keeps changing every year? Turns out he turned 12 in February. Happy Birthday, Andrew. His mum Wendy said, "Andrew got very excited at the thought of a movie, in fact he did a bit of a dance round the living room!"

I often think of Andrew when I write some of my scenes. He likes the details. My editors often tell me there's a bit much detail in some scenes and my wife tells me she tends to phase out a bit in those parts. Well I've always maintained that if I was reading it, I'd like those details, as I know Andrew would. So I try not to get too heavy on the details while putting in just enough for Andrew. So thanks for the inspiration, Andrew.

They say when you write, you should picture your audience right there in front of you. You've joined my nieces and nephews in the audience, Andrew ;) Glad to have you on board.

Update on Andrew from his proud mum, Wendy. He just won silver for kickboxing drills at MF northern championships. I've never met Andrew but I feel proud of him. Good onya, mate.


It's been a big month- I turned 50! I can hardly believe it. Not sure how I feel about it. Not sure how it happened.

All my First Edition First Print run copies of Final Straw sold out in short order. Thank you to everyone who bought them and thank you for all your kind words.

And you'll be happy to know that I worked out how to use the spellchecker for my newsletters :)

Book Reviewers

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Thanks for your company in this edition and welcome to all the new subscribers. The little MailChimp monkey sends me an email message each time a new subscriber joins us so I've been getting lots of nice little messages popping up on my screen as I write.

As always, don't forget to head on over to my Bunya Publishing site to grab a book for yourself or a friend. I'll be putting up a pre-order button for the new How To book at some stage so get ready for it if you want one.
Catcha next time.
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