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July Newsletter

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July 2014

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STAMPEDE: How I get 300 to 500 hits on my Amazon book page EVERYDAY!

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STAMPEDE is finally finished! Woo hoo. What a busy three months this has been. I'm really proud of this book. It's so empowering to all those struggling authors out there trying to be seen above all those bestsellers. Social media gives us the opportunity to market our books for free but it's not much use if it's taking all our time and it's not working. Stampede works. I talk about my Amazon book page getting 300 to 500 hits everyday with the system I developed, well that's nothing, I got over 800 hits yesterday. It'll do the same again tomorrow and again everyday until I turn my AutoPilot program off, which I don't think I'll be doing anytime soon.


This won't make much sense to you unless you're into Twitter but an essential part of STAMPEDE is being able to send out tweets heavily loaded with hashtags. Actually, not just any old hashtags, hashtags structured into HASHTAG SENTENCES.

Every guru on the planet has been advising people to never put more than three hashtags into your tweets, if you have to use them at all, so you don't look too commercial. What a load of rubbish. First of all, no one is fooled, everyone knows the tweet about your book is commercial and secondly, no one seems to have figured out how to use hashtags effectively, and in an entertaining way. Well I have and that's part of what I'm teaching people how to do in STAMPEDE.

Hashtags are far more powerful than people realise. They allow your tweets to reach audiences that would never normally hear about you. Simply adding #YA to the end of your tweet will get your tweet seen by the many thousands and thousands of young adult readers who follow the #YA hashtag, or #NewAdult, #YALit, #YoungAdult, #ComingOfAge, #COA, #MG, #KidLit, #MGLit. So by using hashtags, you don't need to build a social following of your own, you simply piggy back upon hashtags that already have followers.

For example, as many of you know, most of my books are filled with laugh–out–loud humour, they’re for Young Adults and there’s hunting and cooking of game meat in them. Here’s a great quote, link and hashtag sentence for my market.

His tummy told him that ONE RAT JUST WASN’T GOING TO BE ENOUGH #YA #lol #Hunting #BBQ #Gamemeat

Not only is there an intriguing story in that quote, but there’s an intriguing story in the hashtag group as well. That makes the tweet entertaining and hopefully, intriguing enough to get people to click the link that takes them to my Amazon book page.

It will reach young adult readers who are looking for a laugh, who are into hunting, and who like barbecuing game meat. It’s very focused on my audience and is much more likely to get the sale.

Plus, that one tweet will be replicated 5 times, one for each hashtag. That's what I call EXPONENTIAL MARKETING and is just one small part of my amazingly successful STAMPEDE marketing system.

But it all falls flat without the ability to mix hashtag groups to easily generate thousands of advertising tweets that your AutoPilot program can send out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So I developed a computer program to generate the tweets. A free version is available to everyone with a beefed up version available to subscribers.

[message] [#1|#2] [#3|#4] [#5|#6]

You add your own message, link and groups of hashtags. This was generated by the example above:
message #1 #3 #5
message #1 #3 #6
message #1 #4 #5
message #1 #4 #6
message #2 #3 #5
message #2 #3 #6
message #2 #4 #5
message #2 #4 #6

[message] [#1|#2] [#3|#4] [#5|#6] [#7|#8] [#9|#10] [#11|#12] ...

There's not enough room here to fully explain the magnitude of this system which is why I brought out my step-by-step guide. Stampede works.

Have a play with the TWEET GENERATOR yourself.

Hunting and Fishing Trip

This is what we're after. Water buffalo. They're an introduced species that do a lot of damage and need to be culled out. We're happy to help ;) If I get one with horns half this size I'll be happy. Either way, the local Aborginal community will appreciate the meat. We'll probably cook it in a ground oven. Can't wait. Might be able to catch a pic of some tendrils of steam escaping the ground to get you salivating ...

Countdown clock: 31 days


Once again welcome to all my new subscribers. It's very nice to have your company.

As always, don't forget to head on over to my Bunya Publishing site to grab a free eBook. An order button for STAMPEDE will be up and running shortly if you want to order a print book direct for yourself or a friend, otherwise I'd suggest you head on over to Amazon.

Catcha next time and please forward this newsletter to a friend.

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