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June 2014

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Is it a month already? I've been so busy putting my new How To book together that time has flown by. No it's not ready yet but it's really close. It's grown out of all proportions. So much so that I had to develop a special WordPress Plugin to use with the book. Can't tell you how excited I am with it all. I did a test presentation of the concept and the interest was way beyond anything I expected so I've been working day and night trying to finish it all off. Two more weeks at the most I reckon.

For anyone who missed last month's newsletter, here's a quick rehash of what this new How To book is all about.

Through trial and error, I developed a new marketing method that has been sending a staggering amount of customers to my Amazon book page. 300 to 500 every single day. The system runs on autopilot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since setting it up, I’ve done absolutely nothing, and yet my system keeps sending all those customers to my door every single day. It turns out that the system doesn’t just work for authors or Amazon, it will work for any business anywhere in the world. It uses the social networks but what’s best about it is you don’t need a social following at all, and the system runs completely and utterly free of charge. So that’s it in a nutshell. As I was hoping last month, hopefully you’ll be receiving the next newsletter early with news of its release.

Hunting and Fishing Trip

Full steam ahead with preparations for my month long hunting and fishing trip to the Northern Territory with my good mate Jeff. Our hunting rig scored some brand new tyres yesterday and we had to calculate if our petrol tank was big enough to get us from one petrol station to another. They're 1,000 kilometres apart on one section of our trip! And 800 kilometres of it is all dirt roads.

The rains have finally stopped up there which is a big relief because they've hung around longer than expected. We need time for the roads to dry out otherwise we won't be going anywhere. The Northern Territory is not the place to be in the wet.

Countdown clock: 63 days

I've been practicing. Got this rippa Flathead for tucker. But that's nothing, check out this monster Barramundi. That's what I'm going all the way to the Northern Territory for. 


My busy mate JB from Singapore finally got back to me with a short and sweet message about Final Straw. "Gary, I just read the latest book. It's extremely awesome! Will leave a review on Goodreads later. :)".

I'm always busting to know what JB thinks of my books but his life is leaving him with less and less time as he gets older. He's at Uni now and homework and exams are always on top of him. Thanks JB.


No news is good news ;)

Book Reviewers

Would you like to review any of my eBooks? Hit the email link below if you would and I'll shoot you a copy today.

Really well written review here by Stacie from BeachBoundBooks that I thought you might like to see. She's running a competition for one of my books too so drop on in and enter to win. 


Would you like to join my crew of editors? I'm always looking for fresh perspectives on my stories so if you'd like to volunteer, shoot me an email.


Welcome again to all my new subscribers. It's very nice to have your company.

As always, don't forget to head on over to my Bunya Publishing site to grab a book for yourself or a friend. I'll be putting up a pre-order button for the new How To book at some stage so get ready for it if you want one.
Catcha next time.

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